Academic Vice Chancellor

Academic Vice Chancellor

 Biography of Assistant Professor Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq

 Assistant professor Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq was born in August 1987. He completed his bachelor studies in Journalism department of Alberoni University in 2008. During studies, he also served as reporter and Editor of Grate   Kapisa Monthly. After graduation, Mr. Mushtaq worked as a trainer in Afghan Development Association (ADA) for one year. Subsequently, in 2009, he succeeded as a lecturer in Journalism department of Alberoni University   after an examination.

 In 2012, he got a scholarship from University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), so he left country for purpose completing master studies. Mr. Mushtaq completed his master studies successfully in 2015 and returned country and started   teaching as well as served as deputy dean of Journalism faculty of Alberoni University. In the beginning of 2018 he was also chosen as project coordinator of Alberoni University peace center.

In addition, Mr. Mushtaq published books, journal papers and participated in international and national academic conferences as well as been peer reviewer of international journals. He published four journal papers in international journals as well as being peer reviewer in international journal of political science and development (IJPSD). Also, presented his papers in two international conferences. His first research-book titled “Culture of Reading Newspaper in Afghanistan” published in 2017. His second book is titled “Effects of Social Media on the Undergraduate Students Academic Performance” will be published soon.

Based on Islamic Republic of Afghanistan president order, issued on 26th July 2018, Assistant Professor Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq appointed as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Alberoni University. Since that he also chairing promotions and quality assurance and accreditation committees in AU.




Sep 2018

HEDP (Higher Education Development Program) Got Individual Research Project titled “Effect of Social Networking Sites on the Students’ Academic Achievements.


UMP (University Malaysia Pahang) MA Scholarship.



Social Sciences (Communication & Media)





Department of Humanities Technology, UMP (University Malaysia Pahang); Favorite content and factors increase interest of students in reading Newspapers.

Published four articles in international journals.


PUBLICATIONS (Peer reviewed):


Journal Papers:

  1. Mushtaq, A, J and Benraghda, A. (2018). The Effects of Social Media on the Undergraduate Students’ Academic Performances. Library Philosophy and Practice. 1779 (e-journal).
  2. Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq. Newspaper reading habits of Undergraduates in Al-beroni University of Afghanistan.  Research Academy of Social Sciences, Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities. Vol. 1, No. 4, 2015, 140-145.
  1. Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq and Zuraina Ali, PhD. Factors increase interest of undergraduates to English newspapers in Al-beroni University of Afghanistan. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 19, Issue 4, Ver. V (Apr. 2014), PP 67-71.
  1. Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq and Zuraina Ali, PhD. (2014). Preference content of undergraduates in Al-beroni University of Afghanistan in English newspapers. International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research ISSN 2348-3164 (online) Vol. 2, Issue 4, pp: (253-258).


Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq. Culture of Reading newspaper in Afghanistan "Habits and Motives of Reading Newspaper among Students"(Persian). Saeed Publications: Kabul, Afghanistan.




  1. International:
  1. Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq and Zuraina Ali, PhD. Preference content of undergraduates in Al-beroni University of Afghanistan in newspapers. Presented at 3rd International Conference on Business and Communication in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia on 23 & 24 April 2014.
  1. Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq. Thesis summary. Presented at 2014 University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) three minutes' thesis competition in Gambang Campus of UMP on 21 & 22 September 2014.
  1. National:
  1. Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq. Effects of content on the growing trends of social media among students. Presented on 20 December 2017 in Al-beroni University.
  1. Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq. Differences between social media and mass media. Will be presented on February 20, 2018 among lecturer and students in university.



July 2018 – now

Chairman of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Committee at Alberoni University.

July 2018 – now

Chairman of promotions committee at Al-beroni University.

July 2018 – now

Member of Alberoni University Academic Council

July 2018 – now

Member of Research Committee at Alberoni University

July 2018 – now

Member of Editorial board of Alberoni University academic Journal.