Peace Activities

Unveiling Ceremony for Alberoni University peace center journals organized 

For unveiling the lecturer academic journal called Armaghan Solh (Peace Gift) and students journal titled Solh Bawaran, a ceremony was held on Saturday November 10 at AU conference hall.

Firstly, Asst. Prof. Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq, vice chancellor for academic affairs and Peace Project Coordinator started his speech by talking about the importance of peace on the students personal and professional live and said that the main objective of establishing Peace Center is to institutionalize peace education in Alberoni university.

He said that for Alberoni University (AU), the long-term objectives are:


1-Institutionalize an introductory peacebuilding and conflict resolution course to equip university students with peacebuilding, conflict resolution, mapping, mitigation and analysis skills.

2-Enhance AU students’ analytical and research capacity to research and analyze the multiple dynamic of conflicts at local and national levels.

He also said that

In this ceremony, Abdul Tamim Ahadi vice chancellor for students’ affairs, Abdul Qader Wahab Educaton faculty dean, lectures and students participated.